Towns & Villages

As the Palatinate wine region is concentrated on an eighty-five-kilometer-long strip along the Palatinate Forest it has been named German Wine Route, starting in the village of Bockenheim in the north and ending with the village of Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the south.

The German Wine Route consists of the Central Haardt Wine Route and the Southern Wine Route. The Wine Route passes through most of the wine towns and wine villages. The beauty of the German Wine Route may be discovered the best at the annual Wine Route Festival in the summer when the Wine Route is opened only for bicyclists for one Sunday.

German Wine Route
German Wine Route

Central Haardt-German Wine Route

  • Bockenheim
  • Grünstadt-Asselheim
  • Laumersheim
  • Herxheim am Berg
  • Kallstadt
  • Bad Dürkheim
  • Wachenheim
  • Forst
  • Deidesheim
  • Ruppertsberg
  • Königsbach
  • Gimmeldingen
  • Mußbach
  • Haardt
  • Neustadt
  • Hambach
  • Diedesfeld

Southern Wine Route

  • Maikammer
  • Kirrweiler
  • Martin
  • Rhodt
  • Edesheim
  • Landau
  • Billligheim-Ingenheim
  • Bad Bergzabern
  • Schweigen-Rechtenbach