Pinot Noir

The most elegant of the Palatine red wines is certainly Pinot Noir [in German: Spätburgunder], which belongs to the Burgundy family. The Burgundy wines have a long tradition and have been cultivated more than 400 years. This is why Pinot Noir is often called the king of red wines.

Pinot Noir is predestined for ripening in wooden barrels, where it develops premium quality. In the barrel the wine becomes softer and fruit flavors can fully deploy. It fits well with wild animal dishes and various roasted meals.

About 7 percent of the Palatine vineyards consist of Pinot Noir vines. The wines regularly receive national awards. In the last years there has also been a trend for white-pressed Pinot Noir wine, which combines the freshness of white wine with the sophisticated taste of red wine.