Palatine Language

If stranded in the Palatinate wine region on a trip, you may realize that locals speak in a German dialect.  To master your first wine tasting in the Palatinate or your first visit of a wine festival, the knowledge of some expressions might be useful:

Woi Wine
Woiknorze A salty bread that is served with wine.
Worscht un Woi An expression meaning sausage and wine.
Dubbeglas The traditional Palatine half-a-liter wine glass
Schoppen Half-a-liter of pure wine, usually served in a Dubbeglas
Schorle A wine glass mixed with sparkling water. For instance, you may order a Riesling Schorle.
Kerwe Annual fun fair in a village. It is similar to a wine festival but more accommodating for children.
Reitschul A carousel or a similar amusement for children. Usually, you find it at a Kerwe.
Grummbeere Patatoes (in German: Kartoffel)
Keschde Sweet chestnuts (in German: Esskastanien)

If you know some German, you should not have any difficulties when exchanging with locals. Still, some words might be handy when moving around or interacting with locals:

Weinfest Wine festival
Weinberg Vineyard or a wine site
Weinprobe Wine tasting
Weingut Winery
Ausschank The places where drinks are served, e.g. at a wine festival.
Neuer Wein An alcoholic grape juice produced immediately from the harvested grapes.
Wirtschaft A restaurant where usually traditional food is served.