Purple red Merlot grapes
Purple red Merlot grapes

This grape variety has its origin in France, where it has been mentioned the first time in the 14th century. There is also genetic evidence that this grape variety is related to older French grape varieties, such as Carbernet Franc. Its name may refer to the blackbird [in French: Merle]. A bird which loves eating the Merlot grapes.

The biggest territory of Merlot cultivation is located in Bordeaux, France. In the Palatinate about 200 hectares are cultivated. The produced wines are recognized for its full-bodied and fruity taste. The dark-red colored wine has a flavor that reminds of plums, cherries and black currants. This grape variety is perfectly suited for being developed in an oak barrel. Oaked Merlot wines work well with hearty dishes, whereas simple and young Merlot wines may be served as a summer wine with light dishes.

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