Sauvignon Blanc Mastered by Palatine Wineries

Sauvignon Blanc Grape
Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Sauvignon Blanc is a very common white wine which may be found in many wine-growing regions in the world. Its genetic parent vines have not been identified yet. However, it is certain that this old grape variety was first cultivated in France. Its cultivation is permitted in the Palatinate since 2000 and, today, covers about 100 hectares. Read more

At the Mundus Vini springtasting 2015 six Palatine wineries were awarded for their Sauvignon Blanc wines:

1. Winery von Winning (Deidesheim)
2. Winery Bühler (Kallstadt)
3. Winery A. Diehl (Edesheim)
4. DLR State Winergy and Hospitaller Estate (Neustadt)
5. Deutsches Weintor Wine Cooperative (Ilbesheim)
6. Wine Cooperative Edenkoben (Edenkoben)

More information about the selected wines at

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