No summer without Riesling in the Palatinate

Summer wines
Summer wines and Schorle glass

When the temperatures rise above 35 degree Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), summer has inevitably hit the Palatinate – one of Germany’s sunniest regions. Public swimming pools are crowded, crushed ice is sold out and cars turn into ovens. Those are the symptoms of this blistering heat blowing over Germany. The last resort for such days are cold summer wines being stocked in the fridge and waiting to be opened by thirsty Palatine people.

When looking for the right summer wine, the Palatinate offers a great variety of white and red wines. But first of all, what exactly qualifies a wine to be named a summer wine? Wine specialists say that a summer wine needs to be light with low or moderate alcohol level. Usually, the limit is 12 percent of alcohol. In addition to the alcohol level, summer wines are characterized by high acidity, fruitiness and sometimes intense flavors. Well, this is the theory and tastes may differ. If your summer night starts with a barbecue and ends with rock anthems, the most important thing is that your stock of freezing cold bottles will never run out.

I invite you to have a look at my suggestions for summer wines. You welcome to share your favorites on my blog!

  • Riesling served with sparkling water
  • Riesling Kabinett
  • Riesling Cuvée
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Scheurebe
  • Bland de Noirs (of Pinot Noir)

I have to admit that Riesling is very predominate in this list. As a big Riesling fan I might be a little bit subjective at this point. Regardless of my wine philosophy, what really matter is the right spirit at a hot summer night. Listen and enjoy!

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