Five candidates running for Palatine Wine Queen

Five candidates have turned in their applications to become successor of the ongoing Palatine Wine Queen Laura Julier. A jury of wine specialists and press representatives will select the winner at the event center “Saalbau” in the town of Neustadt on October 2nd. All candidates have to prove wine knowledge as well as their ability to speak in public. After several interview rounds the jury will determine the new Palatine Wine Queen and a coronation will follow. Based on the tradition, all other candidates will then become Palatine Wine Princesses whose duty is to support the Wine Queen in her various tasks.

Wine Princess of the village of Mussbach
Wine Princess of the village of Mussbach

The rules say that every candidate has to show its qualification by working for two years as a Wine Princess at one of the hundred Palatine wine villages. If their term is over, they are allowed to run for Palatine Wine Queen. So there is no doubt that those women will be great ambassadors of the Palatine wine and the Palatine region. The candidates for the 2015/2016 term are:

  • Laura Becker from the village of St. Martin
  • Tanja Huber from the village of Herxheim am Berg
  • Julia Kren from the village of Meckenheim
  • Lisa Momm from the village of Duttweiler
  • Julia Stieß from the village of Frankweiler

Each wine village is very proud of their princessess. Signs at the entry of villages, which show the current wine princess, illustrate this pride. Often, the candidates belong to a family which is dedicated to the viticulture.

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