Three Gold Medals for Palatine Wines at IWC 2015

Gerd Stepp's gold winning Riesling from 2012
Gerd Stepp’s gold winning Riesling

The London-based International Wine Challenge (IWC) awards three Palatine Wines with a gold medal. Moreover, Palatine wines receive three silver and one bronze medal. Most of the selected Palatine wines represent the Riesling grape variety. Other awarded grape varieties are Pinot Blanc as well as a blend of Riesling and Silvaner.

The Palatine wine maker Gerd Stepp stands out in the competition. All three gold medals decorate his wine bottles produced in the village of Asselheim. Asselheim is a small village in the northern part of the Palatine Wine Route in proximity to the famous wine town Kallstadt. It is no surprise that one of the gold-winning wines comes from vineyards, which are located in Kallstadt and historically called “Sow Stomach” [in German Kallstadter Saumagen]. Those hillside located vineyards are rich in chalk and loess. Therefore, they offer perfect conditions for Riesling wines.

Vineyards "Sow Stomach" nearby the town of Kallstadt
Vineyards “Sow Stomach” nearby the town of Kallstadt

The wine maker Gerd Stepp has a great experience in the international wine business. Prior to joining the family owned estate in the Palatinate, he was working as buyer for the UK store Marks & Spencer. Together with Matthias Gaul they run the estate and are working hard to receive international recognition in the wine world. Being awarded with the IWC Riesling Trophy in 2015 is bringing them closer to this goal.

The full list of IWC awarded Palatine wines are available at the IWC website. Follow this link.